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What is a Rambox on a Ram Truck?

A Ram Box is a storage system in the truck’s bed that helps owners manage their cargo and tools. It’s a unique feature that’s available on only Ram trucks. These compartments are designed to accommodate all types of cargo and tools. In addition, they include an electrical outlet.

RamBoxes come with insulated side walls that prevent water from seeping in. They also feature a drain plug so water can easily be drained. They also have an auxiliary 115-volt power outlet. You can use the RamBox to store tools or even chainsaws.

RamBoxes also come with interior lighting so you can find tools in the dark. It can also be used to store ice for tailgate parties. The lights on the RamBoxes will illuminate when you open or close them. The RAMBOXes also have a 115-volt power outlet so you can use a compressor or cook breakfast for your family.

RamBoxes are exclusive to RAM trucks. Those with RAM trucks can add extra storage and towing to their trucks, allowing them to carry more goods. RAM truck owners can even retrofit their vehicles with RamBoxes.

What is a Dodge RamBox Option Truck?

The RAMBox cargo management system is a great way to maximize the space and storage of your truck. Not only does this system provide more storage space, it can be locked to keep your belongings secure. This system is compatible with a variety of RAM trucks, including the renowned RAM 1500.

The RamBox is built into the bed of the RAM truck and provides additional storage space. It can accommodate small or large items. It also comes with a security system and a drainage plug. You can also choose the AllSecure system, which protects your cargo from theft and vandalism.

The RamBox cargo management system is a great way to maximize storage space and organize tools and equipment. It is integrated into the truck bed, and offers several compartments that are ideal for storing tools and other equipment. Its unique design allows for multiple storage locations and is compatible with an extensive range of tools.

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What Year Rams Have RamBox?

RamBoxes are cargo management systems designed to maximize the space available in the cargo box of your pick-up truck. They are available for most trim grades. These systems are designed to offer added convenience and security to owners. They are made to withstand the toughest conditions, and they are compatible with most make and model years.

RamBoxes come with a number of handy features, including an onboard cooler, drainage plug, and automatic illumination. They also come with a 115-volt power outlet, which can be helpful for running a compressor or for a power-hungry breakfast. The RamBox is fully waterproof and includes an AllSecure remote security system.

RamBoxes were first released in 2009, and were available on the RAM 1500 with a 5’7″ bed. In 2012, Ram expanded the program to cover more models. Today, Ram Boxes are available on most RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks. They are also available on heavy-duty RAM 3500 Mega Cabs. They are available on 6’4″ and 5’7″ boxes, but not the 8-foot box.

What is RamBox Used For?

When you’re looking for a RAM truck, one of the features you’re sure to love is the RamBox cargo management system. This system allows you to organize all of your tools and equipment so you can work more efficiently. With the RamBox, you can put everything right where you need it, whether it’s a toolbox, golf clubs, or even a fishing net. The RamBox system is extremely secure and is able to withstand a variety of conditions.

The RamBox is water-resistant and comes with a remote security system. It also has drainage plugs that are handy when storing items like ice. It can easily be used as a cooler as well, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s water-resistant.

The RamBox cargo management system is a great way to make the most of your truck’s bed space. The system is built right into the bed, so you don’t have to sacrifice cargo space. It’s ideal for drivers who need extra storage for tools and larger items.

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Do You Lose Bed Space with RamBox?

The RAMBox is a storage system that fits into the truck’s bed and can hold a wide variety of items. Its side bins can be large enough to hold kayak paddles, golf clubs, fishing rods, and toolboxes. The RAMBox is completely weather-proof and secure.

The RamBox came on the market in 2009, but Chevy was quick to point out that they had it first. In reality, it was a GMC design. The RamBox was designed for a GMC truck. When fitted to the Ram 1500, it takes up more space than a standard truck box. It is not the only option, though. Some truck models have a larger bed, such as the 2500 RAM Power Wagon, which has a 6-foot bed.

The RAMBox features two lids, located at the sides of the bed. Each lid has two LED lights to illuminate the contents. The lids can be locked and unlocked like the rest of the truck. Moreover, RamBox has lid buttons that unlock the lid automatically when the truck is unlocked. These lids can also be kept dry and safe, preventing them from spilling liquids.

Do RAM Boxes Have Drains?

Ram trucks feature an innovative cargo management system called a RAMBox. These storage containers can fit a wide variety of items and are secured with a lock cylinder. Additionally, they come with a 115-volt auxiliary outlet and a water drainage plug. RAMBoxes are designed to fit any style and size of truck. These storage containers also offer many custom options. For example, you can add ice for tailgate parties or even a full cooler.

RAM Boxes are available for pickup trucks with a cargo bed. They can be used for storage of many items, from kayak paddles to toolboxes. They’re made to be secured, and have side bins large enough to hold 20 pounds of ice. They also feature a drainage system, so water can drain automatically when the lid is closed.

Ram trucks are known for their performance and towing capabilities. RamBox Cargo Management systems can maximize RAM storage space, enabling drivers to haul the most cargo. If you have a question about the water resistance of RAMBoxes, ask a Ram Truck expert at Chris Nikel Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a RAM Box?

RamBoxes are an innovative cargo management system for Ram trucks. They come with two storage bins located on either side of the bed. Each bin can hold up to eight cubic feet of storage space. This additional space is useful for storing a variety of items, including fishing rods, kayak paddles, toolboxes, and beverage cans.

The RamBox is constructed with an adjustable rail system that provides endless tie-down options. It also features sliding cleats for secure tie-downs. These rails can be locked to the tailgate or the back of the bed. Whether you’re hauling construction materials or just carrying groceries, the RamBox rail system can accommodate the load.

The RamBox was introduced to the public in 2009 as a replacement for the box in pickup trucks. While the Chevy people claimed they were the first to introduce the box, the fact is that GMC came out with it first. The RamBox is an innovative solution to a common problem, taking the storage space of the truck’s box. Its lid is released when the truck is unlocked, and it keeps tools dry.

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