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What is a Rambox on a Dodge Truck?

RAM trucks are built for work, but they’re also designed to be versatile, bringing power and space to the job. RamBox beds and storage systems allow RAM truck owners to add more space and functionality. Whether you’re hauling heavy cargo or storing sports equipment, a RamBox can accommodate your needs.

The RamBox cargo management system is a class-exclusive design that organizes and protects tools, supplies, and other items. It can maximize RAM truck space, and Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram includes a guide and remote locks to secure and access the box. You should also consider water resistance when purchasing the system. However, the RamBox is not 100% waterproof, so if you’re concerned about storing valuables inside, you should buy a water-resistant model.

A RamBox is a cargo management system that extends the length of the pickup bed, incorporating space above the wheel well. The bins are drainable and lockable, and the lids feature swing hinges. The lids can swing to the intermediate or full-open position. They also lift ninety degrees perpendicular to the sides for a convenient storage system.

What is a Dodge RamBox Option Truck?

RAM trucks are designed to get the job done, offering power and space that’s unmatched in the industry. RAM trucks also come with the RAMBox Cargo Management System, which optimizes storage space for tools, equipment, and tailgate supplies. Find out more about this option and how it can benefit you.

The RamBox system uses an all-secure, central locking system for maximum security and peace of mind. The RamBox also comes with a remote lock and unlock feature, ensuring that your valuables are kept safe and dry. This feature is an excellent addition to any RAM truck, and is an excellent way to take full advantage of its storage space.

The RamBox bins fit the pickup bed, with a removable lid on either bedside. It also features two LED lights and a 115-volt home-style power outlet. The RamBox bin lids feature swing hinges that enable them to be locked in an intermediate position or fully opened. The lids also release when the truck is unlocked, keeping the cargo dry.

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What Model Dodge Ram Has RamBox?

The RamBox is a cargo management system that comes standard on certain models of the Dodge Ram. The system features a waterproof design that protects items from water and other elements. In addition, it comes with a built-in AllSecure remote security system to ensure your items remain safe. The system also includes a plug for drainage. RamBoxes also allow you to store ice in the tailgate compartments.

RamBox is fully water-resistant and comes with a drainage plug. If your vehicle gets wet, the RAMBox will hold the water until you remove the plug and let it drain. It also has a 115-volt power outlet for additional convenience. The system has many features that make it an excellent option for storing and transporting items.

One of the best features of the RamBox is the cargo management system. It allows you to better organize your tools and equipment. The system is designed to be easily accessible and is also waterproof. The RamBox also has an AllSecure remote security system. In addition to its storage capabilities, the RamBox can also serve as a cooler during tailgating.

What Year RAM Has RamBox?

If you’re wondering “What Year RAM Has RamBox on Dodge Truck?” you are not alone. Ram introduced the RamBox in 2009, but some people claimed the Chevy Avalanche had the concept first. The RamBox takes up space in the truck’s box, and a tool box can go inside.

The RamBox is made to keep valuable items safe in the truck’s bed. It’s fully waterproof, and has a remote security system. Moreover, it doubles as a drainable cooler, so you can enjoy ice-cold beverages during tailgating parties.

RAM trucks are built to get the job done. That means they provide power and plenty of space. If you want to expand the storage space of your RAM truck, you can retrofit the RamBox storage system. RAM Trucks have a variety of RamBox bed configurations, including a bed that is perfect for camping or tailgating.

The RamBox can be fitted to either a Crew Cab or Regular Cab model. Depending on the model you choose, you can choose from a five-foot-seven-inch or six-foot-four-inch bed. The box can accommodate up to eight cubic feet of storage space, and the RamBox is designed to fit in both length and width of a Dodge truck. The RamBox can also accommodate up to 140 beverage cans.

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What Does RamBox Mean?

RamBox is a cargo management system that is designed to fit Ram pickup trucks with 6-foot-four-inch beds. It is lockable and drainable, and has swing hinges for a variety of storage options. The RamBox lid opens to a 90-degree angle perpendicular to the side rails. The storage compartments are perfect for tools and equipment, while not taking up valuable truck bed space.

RamBox is a first-of-its-kind feature in the truck segment. It was conceived after Chrysler put the idea for a lockable storage compartment out for bid in late 2006. Three suppliers competed for the business. They tested out several configurations and settled on a sideview concept that would be similar to the cargo doors used on buses.

RamBox is available on all Ram 1500 and 2500 trims. It is also available on Ram 3500 and 4500 models. All cabs, including crew cabs, are compatible with RamBox, and it is available on six-foot-four and five-foot-seven-inch boxes. The box’s lid is fully drainable and has a lock to prevent dirty tools from falling in. The RamBox is also available as an aftermarket part.

Do You Lose Bed Space with Rambox?

The RAMBox in-bed storage system is available on select RAM trucks. It consists of two storage compartments located on each side of the truck bed. These compartments are designed for secure storage of valuable items. The RamBox comes with a 115-volt home-style 3-prong power outlet.

RamBox users have said that the system limits bed space. In reality, you can only fill the RamBox about half-full. The system’s shape is designed to fit around rear-wheel wells, but that means that the bed space becomes shallower and awkward. Therefore, it may not be possible to store large items such as tool boxes in the Rambox.

In addition to the bed space, the RamBox has side bins that are large enough to store a golf club, kayak paddles, fishing rods, and toolboxes. In addition, the RamBox can also be secured to the tailgate.

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Do Ram Boxes Have Drains?

RamBoxes are storage compartments that are integrated into the truck bed. They have built-in coolers and lockable doors, and feature a drainage system. These features make it easy to drain water and prevent ice buildup. They also take up less space in the truck bed.

Ram Boxes have a large capacity to hold a variety of items, ranging from golf clubs to kayak paddles. They can also hold tools and toolboxes. The RamBox also features a secure latch for additional security. These features make them a great option for hauling large objects.

A RamBox also features an AllSecure remote security system to keep your items safe. It has a convenient drain plug, and is waterproof. Some models even come with ice storage compartments.

How Much is the RamBox Option?

RamBox is the new cargo system built into the bed of the 2020 RAM 1500 truck. It is a class-exclusive cargo system. If you are in the market for a new truck, the RamBox is a great way to add space and improve fuel efficiency.

The RamBox features a large, lockable box on the bed, which can be accessed by a lid on either bedside. The box also comes with a 115-volt, 3-prong power outlet and two LED lights for added illumination. The box locks and unlocks with a traditional lock cylinder, just like the rest of the truck. When the truck is unlocked, a lid button releases the lid, keeping the cargo dry.

The RAMBox is a cargo management system that makes it easier to load and unload cargo in a RAM truck. It also gives RAM trucks some unique features like locking the truck bed and being able to remotely lock it for extra security. Those who use their truck for work often may want to install the RamBox to organize their supplies and tools.

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