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What Do Armored Truck Guards Do?

What do armored truck guards do, and how do they differ from other security professionals? Armored truck guards are specialized security professionals who drive armored vehicles to secure money and valuables. They must be physically fit, able to operate heavy machinery, have basic math skills, and have a high level of security awareness. Armored truck guards must have a working knowledge of history and security.

Drivers of armored trucks are responsible for picking up and dropping off deliveries. Drivers often operate in teams of two, but they may switch responsibilities with a guard on long trips. Drivers may carry self-defense gear and a handgun. Drivers of armored trucks often work for the military, but these employers rarely advertise open positions. Armed and willing to defend themselves, armored truck drivers perform a vital role in securing sensitive cargo.

Armoured trucks have a long history of using show of force as security. Unlike ordinary cars, armored trucks are huge steel boxes with armed guards inside. Today’s armored trucks are made from stronger steel alloys and laminated glass, and some even use a smaller chassis to carry lighter cargo. Global positioning satellites also allow trucks to be tracked by GPS, deterring potential hijackers.

How Many Guards are in an Armored Truck?

How Many guards are in an armoreed truck? The answer varies depending on the type of truck and the amount of valuables being transported. While some armored trucks have only one guard, others may have two or more. Some armored trucks have armed guards on each side. Listed below are the duties and responsibilities of an armored truck guard. While many of the duties of an armored truck guard are straightforward, some require more complex training.

The average salary for an Armored Truck Guard is $41,926 per year, with the highest pay being in San Francisco at $62,839 a year. However, salaries vary widely and range from $10,518 to $211,309 per year. The median salary for a guard working in an armored truck is $38,834. The middle 57% make between $38,834 and $96,277. The top 86% earn more than $100,000 per year.

How Much are Armored Car Guards Paid?

Drivers for armored car companies typically must be at least 21 years old and possess a high school diploma. They must also have at least six months of driving experience. Drivers must also pass a thorough background check, which takes into account their credit history, criminal record, and integrity. Drivers must also have good math skills and above-average strength. Once screened, drivers must pass a test to prove their ability to operate an armored car.

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An average Armored Car Guard and driver earns a total yearly salary of $34,399 to $44,057. The salary range varies based on the specific position and the location. For example, the average Armored Car Guard and Driver makes $34,399 per year, while the top 8% earn up to $112,236 annually. The total salary for this profession depends on education, experience, and employer.

Do Armored Trucks Get Robbed?

Are armored truck guards prone to being robbed? The answer is yes. The job requires the security of money. Guards are more vulnerable to robbers than other security guards, and they may have to leave the truck to collect the money. They must follow a protocol in armored trucks to protect their money from robbers. The most important part of this job is knowing when to shoot a robber or surrender.

Last year, Florida ranked second in the country for the number of armored car robberies, but it did have one attempted homicide. A newspaper article published in August described a bloody heist that took place outside of a Boynton Beach Publix. Two armed men ambushed Brinks guards, shooting one of them in the head. Thankfully, the robbers got away with the cash, but it was no laughing matter.

In another attack, an armed assailant rammed the armored car guard into it and fired shots into the windshield, stealing a large sum of money. In the case of another guard, he was robbed at gunpoint in Dallas. Two armed suspects robbed him at gunpoint while he was taking a deposit at an ATM. In addition to the money, the robber tried to steal the armored truck guard’s firearm. He was apprehended after an armed robbery.

Do Armored Car Drivers Carry Guns?

Do armored truck guards carry guns on their vehicles? Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, federal law requires that they carry firearms. They must obtain a firearms license before operating an armored vehicle. In addition to firearms licenses, armored car guards are required to be trained on a wide variety of other weapons. As a result, armored truck guards are often required to carry handguns and other self-defense gear as well.

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Most armored truck guards are armed. Brinks armored guards must be at least 21 years of age. The state requires these guards to have a firearm permit and registration. They must be able to pass a background check. Some companies have a specific set of requirements for guards who carry firearms. These requirements can vary from company to company, but in most cases, an armored car guard is required to possess a firearms license and a firearm permit.

As an added precaution, an armored truck guard must know how to protect the money inside the truck. While the truck is bulletproof and highly secure, it also attracts attention of criminals. Since there are fewer people nearby, it makes it an attractive target. The guards must leave the vehicle at certain times to collect the money. Guards must also follow the protocol of armored vehicles, including when to shoot a robber or surrender to the police.

How Do You Become a Brinks Truck Guard?

Become a Brinks truck guard by applying online. The Brinks company is looking for guards with a variety of skills to protect their clients’ valuables and cargo. As a Brinks truck guard, you will be driving a company-owned vehicle that transports valuables. Although this job does not pay as well as other security-related positions, it is a great career choice. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a driver’s license and a handgun license. You must also meet all state requirements for employment, including a criminal background check and fingerprinting.

Before applying to become an armored truck driver, you should have a valid driver’s license. You may also be required to take a firearms training course. Taking a firearms training course may help you get a lower insurance rate. In addition to meeting state requirements for driving an armored truck, you must complete a background check and a criminal background check. You must also complete an application and pay a fee, and pass a firearms safety course.

Are Armored Truck Drivers Law Enforcement?

Are armored truck guards law enforcement professionals? Drivers of armored trucks are security professionals who transport valuables. They may be known as armored truck drivers, armored messengers, or even armored car drivers. They are trained to protect the contents of a vehicle by guarding them throughout the move. These professionals must adhere to strict guidelines and routes and obey traffic laws while on the road. Drivers of armored trucks must also stay in constant contact with the company’s dispatcher.

Licensed Armored car guards are licensed by the Department of State. They are not required to carry firearms, but they must complete a basic course in firearms to become an armored truck guard. All licensed armored car guards must have the appropriate training and be registered with the Department of State. During training, the guards must also receive specialized training to meet strict safety and security standards.

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How Safe are Armored Trucks?

Despite their bulk, armored trucks have many secrets. They are capable of destroying anything that tries to get into them. This article explores some of the secrets and how these vehicles protect their cargo. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some advantages of armored trucks. Listed below are five ways they can keep your cargo safe. They are the most secure type of vehicle you can purchase.

Drivers of armored trucks are required to be trained. While most accidents occur due to reckless passenger vehicle drivers, armored trucks are also victims of crashes. The victims of these accidents are often numerous, and involve a wide variety of entities. However, there are certain common causes of truck accidents that are common among all truck types. By following safe driving practices, you can avoid being involved in an accident involving a truck.

The first component to wear out on an armored truck is the chassis. While the steel body of an armored vehicle rarely wears out, the added weight and the added armor reduce the lifespan of the system. In the past, fleet owners would refurbish an older chassis and mount the body on a new chassis. Nowadays, fleet owners have found it more cost-efficient to export their old trucks to foreign countries. Afterwards, the steel is sold as scrap.

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