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What Chevy Trucks are Square Body?

Square body trucks were popular in the 1970s, and the Chevrolet / GMC C/K was a prime example. The C/K featured the square body style, and was one of the first trucks to come with a crew cab option. Its interior was more sedan-like than its predecessors, and its suspension was designed for maximum capability.

Square body Chevy trucks were built from 1973 until 1987. They were GM’s third-generation pickups, and their boxy shape made them unique. They were first tested in wind tunnels to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. Round body trucks, on the other hand, had rounded windows and lights.

The Square Body family of trucks went through a series of minor sheet-metal changes during the 15-year production cycle. Rectangular headlights replaced the previous round headlights in 1980, and the front doghouse was refreshed in 1981. Other subtle changes to the grille and trim came through the years.

How Much is a Square Body Chevy?

Square body Chevy trucks were introduced in the mid-1970s and were popular for a variety of reasons. They were cheaper to produce and were easier to make than round-line trucks. The truck’s square body design was also more aerodynamic. The square body is known for its wide profile, and the tail lights are usually wrapped around the bed. Today, these vehicles are very popular among collectors.

The price range for a Square Body Chevy truck ranges from around $12,000 to $60,000. Prices can be very different from one year to the next. The lowest model of a 1987 Chevy truck can be purchased for around $3,900. The highest-end models can reach upwards of $60,000, but the average price is $16,000.

The square body of a Chevrolet truck is a very unique design. Compared to the previous C/K generation, this body style is much more distinctive and modern. These trucks introduced new technologies and engineering details, which made them popular among truck enthusiasts. The square body style eventually spread to other manufacturers.

What Trucks are Square Bodies?

The Chevy trucks of the 70s and 80s have square bodies. They are a style that many truck enthusiasts love and have embraced for generations. These square-body pickup trucks were built in the millions. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain. They are also available in crew cab configurations.

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These square-body pickups were popular among hot rodders and modders. While they were inexpensive and easy to maintain, they were very simple, making them ideal for modification. Square-body trucks also came with a wide variety of engine and drivetrain configurations. They were available in pickups, Blazers, Suburbans, Stepsides, Crew Cabs, Dualies, and other body styles.

In terms of design, square-body trucks were known as “rounded-line” pickups inside GM design studios. Because of their square appearance, they were more efficient than previous models. This era lasted for eighteen years and was marked by several GM design vice presidents. Among these were Bill Mitchell, Irv Ribicki, and Chuck Jordan.

What Was the Last Year For Square Body Chevy?

The Square Body family of trucks was introduced in 1973, bringing a new look to Chevrolet vehicles. This new design, with its box-like shape, was popular with truck lovers and hot rodders. Its simple design made it easy to modify and repair. In addition to a wide range of engine and drivetrain options, the Square Body was available in various body styles such as crew cabs, pickups, stepsides, dualies, and more.

The Square Body came in two different generations, short-bed and long-bed models. Short-bed models gained 2.5 inches in length, while long-bed models gained 4.5 inches. Both the short and long-bed models featured a Crew Cab option with two rows of seating and a “Big Dooley” option with two sets of rear wheels for heavy loads.

Modern trucks have ditched the square body look in favor of a more rounded and bulky look. The square body design allowed Chevy to differentiate itself from its competition, and the truck sold out before it officially announced its discontinuation.

What Years Did Chevy Make Square Body Trucks?

Chevrolet’s square body trucks were a staple of the American car market for several years. Unlike the rounded line trucks of the 1960s and 1970s, the square body featured a distinct box shape. These trucks were designed in a wind tunnel, which aided the aerodynamics of the entire vehicle.

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These square-bodied trucks were first introduced in 1973, when General Motors made the first square-bodied pickups. These trucks had a sloping hood and rectangular front end. They also featured rounded windshield corners and rounded corners on the pickup box. Additionally, the tail lamps wrapped around the corners. The third generation of these trucks offered two different types of pickup boxes. A wide-width version had a wide body and narrow-width models featured exposed fenders.

Square-body trucks were still produced after this generation, but the shape changed dramatically. After a brief transition from rounded-to-square-body trucks, Chevrolet and GMC introduced the C/K series, which was the first square-body pickup to offer a factory-installed Crew Cab option. It was also the first Chevy truck to feature dual rear wheels. It also marked the end of Chevrolet’s 15-year run in the square-body pickup market.

Will GM Bringing Back the Square Body in 2022?

In order to differentiate itself from its competitors, GM could bring back the square body for their next full-size pickup truck. The square body would provide more space in the truck while offering better handling. However, this would increase the cost of the car. Moreover, the added weight would make it heavier.

The square body was not only a better option in the past, but it was also much cheaper than the current model. Chevy trucks, in particular, were a great option for working people. In addition to that, these trucks were equipped with climate controls and offered a variety of engine options. But, these trucks were eventually phased out by GM and replaced by the C/K.

Nevertheless, GM is planning a big refresh for its light-duty full-size pickups for the 2022 model year. The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra will both receive a facelift. The new trucks will also feature a more streamlined tailgate and several other changes. According to GM Authority, spy photos of the 2022 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra have already surfaced online. Interestingly enough, a prototype of the Chevy Silverado has been wearing a considerable amount of camouflage.

Why are Square Bodies So Popular?

When Chevrolet and General Motors began selling trucks, they became known for their square bodies and rounded line. These trucks were inexpensive and appealing to working men who wanted a simple truck that would not cost a fortune to purchase. They also offered a wide variety of engine and drivetrain combinations and body styles, including pickups, Suburbans, Stepsides, Crew Cabs, Dualies, and Extended Cabs.

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As the automotive industry evolved, trucks were made with more sophisticated technology and fuel-efficient engines. Chevrolet engineers also improved cabin comfort, including a four-door crew cab. They also offered climate controls. By the end of the 1970s, Chevy and GMC phased out square body trucks, replacing them with the fourth-generation C/K series.

When the Chevy C10 first came on the scene, it cost about $3,600 on the day. Adjusted for inflation, that would translate to about $17,500 today. By comparison, a half-ton Silverado can sell for anywhere from $28,000 to $61,000.

Do They Still Make Square Body Trucks?

If you’re wondering, “Do Chevy Trucks still make square body trucks?”, you’re not alone. There’s an entire industry of square-body trucks, and Chevy was no exception. In the mid-1980s, the square-body style of pickup truck was a hit. It was a practical choice for truck owners, as it was easy to modify and repair. In addition, Chevy offered several different engine and drivetrain combinations. It also came in a wide range of body styles. For instance, there were square body pickups, side-by-sides, crew cabs, and dualies.

The first square-body trucks were introduced in 1973. They were greatly embraced by truck fans. In 1980, Chevrolet introduced rectangular sealed-beam headlights. It also refreshed the front doghouse. Minor sheet-metal changes continued through the years, including the grille and trim.

The square body truck was also available in four-door and standard cab configurations. It had a 191-inch overall length and 117-inch wheelbase. It was sold as a 3/4 and a one-ton truck, and was also popular among racers. The names of the four-door cab models were “3+3” and “Dooley,” whereas the short-bed model was “Wideside.”

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