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Want to go offroad Russian style? Meet the SHERP ATV

Want to go offroad Russian style? Meet the SHERP ATV

Giant self-inflating tires with grooves the size of your arm and a rugged steel chassis that floats one meter above the ground- the SHERP ATV may look simplistic and ugly, but does the job better than any other all-terrain vehicle that runs on 4 wheels. Its design is based around the fundamentals. It has a high ground clearance of 60cm and massive inflatable tubeless tires that run on super low pressure to ensure maximum grip on rough terrain. Thanks to those huge tires and a pneumocirculation suspension, it rolls over tree trunks and boulders just as easily as it rolls over sand, snow and mud.

From the sides, it looks as if someone ripped off the wheels from a monster truck, slapped a backhoe loader’s cabin on the front, then added the rear of a pickup truck. Yes, it looks like none other and performs on a whole different level compared to conventional ATVs. The engine is durable and starts up in any condition. You can be sure of that fact since the guys who built this monster have tested it on the harshest terrains known to mankind. It has traversed the vicious swamps of the Yugra, the snowy wilderness of the Siberian Taiga, and the mountains of the Kola Peninsula. Still think you can give it a bigger challenge? Analog dashboard devices allow maximum reliability, along with two batteries and dual interior heating systems. If one fails, there is always backup. It’s almost as if the manufacturers designed this vehicle to be used in a post-apocalyptic world. They also added a water pumping system to pump out the water from the cabin in case you decide to take a swim along with your SHERP ATV. Everything is built for durability and ease of operation, from the special polymer paints on the exterior, to the halogen headlights and the automatically greasing SKF chains.

The SHERP ATV is just as mean on the inside as it is on the outside. At the heart of this 2886 pound behemoth lays a Kubota V1505-t diesel motor that generates maximum of 44.3 hp and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. It can do a maximum of 45km/h and load capacity is a whopping 1000kg. The vehicle comes in two versions- the regular tent top model, and the hard top KUNG model which also has revamped interiors and extra lights along with the option to install a third heating system in case the first two were not enough. Guess you will need all that heating while rolling across cold snowy terrain on a long trip. Speaking of long trips, the main fuel tank capacity is 58L, with the option to hold an additional 50L of fuel in each of those giant wheels. Oh, and the wheels are tubeless as well as self-inflating.

Easy to drive and reliable across all weathers and temperatures, the SHERP ATV is a great addition to the garage of any off-road adventurist or border guard patrol. Its steel body, extended fuel capacity and overwhelming 70cm ground clearance make it perfect for conquering any terrain. Road, water, snow, dessert, mountain, rock- no matter where you take this massive ATV it will roll across all obstacles with ease. All that is missing now is a couple of wings on the top.