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What is the slowest car in the world?

What is the slowest car in the world?

The world market receives new cars every day. Some prefer fast cars while others prefer slow cars. A slow automobile is one that has a small horsepower engine. Families with slightly low income prefer these cars because they conserve fuel and are also affordable. Here is a list of automobiles considered to be among the slowest in the world:

Mitsubishi i-MiEV


The car has an engine power of 66 horsepower; with a rear-wheel drive, an increased cabin, and a rear motor. This car conserves energy because it has a braking system that ensures that, when the car is decelerating the battery is charging. This car – the best contender for the slowest car in the world.

 The Fiat 500C


Another slowers car in the world came from Italy, home of Fiat Company, the automaker of this slow slow car. It has an engine of 101 horsepower. Its stability is not good; when driving in high speeds, you feel the car shaking.

 The Scion iQ


The Toyota Company makes the scion iQ in Japan. The inbuilt engine power about 94 horsepower. The car’s interior is spacious.

 Lexus CT200h


The United States of America makes the Lexus brands. When this brand is compared to other brands of the same quality, Lexus CT200H is more costly.

 Toyota Prius v Wagon


The Toyota Company also makes this brand. It is not sleek, and its interior is spacious. Many claim it is slower than the others that have been mentioned because it has a 98 horsepower engine.

 Fiat 500 Sport


The most important variation between this car and the second one in the list is its model, its speed and the year the car was made. It has a small capacity and is much slower than the other brands.

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 Honda Civic Hybrid


The Honda Civic Hybrid is a brand that is very economical with fuel. It also has a larger room capacity, unlike the Fiat 500 sport, with an appealing design.

 Fiat 500C

You will realize that the Fiat Company is known to produce slow automobiles. The brand has a horsepower engine of 101 but still slow.

 Nissan Versa SL


It is the cheapest car in the world.

 Toyota Corolla LE.

Toyota Corolla LE.

It has been a top-selling car for years despite being the slowest car in the world. It is a cheap car hence many parents can afford it. It also a more stable car; hence, it is useful to those learning how to drive. Therefore, it appeals to children who have attained driving age.

In conclusion, people enjoy the fun of driving slow cars fast. Across the world, the Toyota Corolla is the slowest and cheapest car in the world.