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The biggest italian luxury car manufacturers

The biggest italian luxury car manufacturers

Italian luxury cars enjoy a reputation of speed and world-class designs. These cars are always the preserve of the wealthy in the society. They mostly attract world celebrities, because of their classy nature. The Italian automobile industry was around for over two centuries ago, and it still produces some of quality car models in the world. Some of the biggest Italian Luxury car manufacturers are:


At inception in 1929, Scuderia Ferrari was the brand name of The Ferrari automaker founded by Enzo Ferrari. In the beginning, it earned a reputation of making exceptional luxury cars. But after performing in Formula One World Championship, due to the lucrative sponsorship that comes with the events, it specialized in making sports cars. For this reason, it stopped making cars for the public market. They have since diversified to other brands like clothing, perfumes, bicycle, and watches.

 Alfa Romeo

On 24th June 1910, the Alfa Romeo an Italian luxury car manufacturer idea was conceptualized. Initially, it was exclusively known as The ALFA. The Alfa Romeo cars also partly share in Formula One success where it has taken part and other events like the Grand Prix. Their cars are beautifully made for the comfort in our roads.


A group of investors inclusive of Giovanni Agnelli founded the Fiat Company in 1899. The company is renowned for taking over other automakers in the world. It has formed a reputation as one of the earliest companies in the world to withstand many challenges in the market dynamics. It is the sixth largest automaker worldwide and the largest in Italy. Currently, it has diversified to many other industrial productions being one of the largest industrial organization.

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In 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini established the Lamborghini Automaker Company. Ferruccio had a history of making tractors during the Second World War. In the past, the company had many challenges like competition, emerging markets and economic meltdown. It withstood these challenges and earned a reputation of producing one of the most stylish luxury cars in the world.



Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin established the Lancia automaker company in1906.Since its inception, the company produces distinct vehicles performing well in world races. They enjoy dominance in the world markets by making state of the art luxury cars.




The Maserati brothers; Alfieri, Carlo, Ettore, Bindo and Ernesto built an auto business empire in 1914. As an Italian luxury car manufacturer, it later transformed the world in terms of quality and class in vehicles.