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Stanced Toyota Prius

Stanced Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is considered to be one of company’s most successful models – in 2004 the second generation car was claimed to be the best on American market and got many prestigious awards. Such a level of popularity can be explained by both superb technical characteristics and perfect exterior.

This hybrid comprises a mixed type of motor: consecutive (works to produce engine power) and parallel (one of power aggregates motions car depending on the situation) drivers are combined to ensure better driving capacity and more energy-saving technology. Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive is a combination of a 1,5 l. gas drive with 78 horsepower and a 68 horsepower electric engine. Together they provide turning torque of 478 Nm. By the way, fuel consumption level is low both in the city and on highway: 8 l. and 5.5 l. for 100 km correspondingly.

What makes this model exceed its analogues is an excellent ecology-friendly engine system. Emissions release level surpasses even the latest EURO IV standard: only 104 grams of CO2 is released every 100 km. Moreover, combustion gas heat recuperation system adds to energy saving.

Pruis II has a lot of various electronics inside what helps to accumulate energy during driving. New Touch&Go Plus central console is a real innovation so much craved for. Electric air conditioning and braking system are controlled fully through wires. ABS and EBD are in charge of electric power steering system work, what makes it easier for a driver to control power consumption. Probably, mechanic driver absence helped to create an original image of this car. But despite its finished and improved construction the exterior seems to be mediocre for some people. And one American motorist decided to modify his hybrid, adding some details from a completely different brand – Lexus.

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At first thought nobody can say exactly what is common between aggressive prestigious Lexus IS and economic solid Toyota Prius. But when you see this hybrid improved both inwardly and externally, you are certain that even such cars can be extremely elegant and chic.

Owner of Stanced Toyota Prius from the USA has completely changed style of his model by lowering it, installing chrome alloy wheels and other details. It improved the whole image making the hybrid look like a real racing monster! Such a modification ensured astonishing appearance and greater performance. This example proves that there are no boundaries for perfection, and even an ideal can be improved.