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Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Limo

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Limo

The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Limo is a unique limousine that is manufactured to give the consumer extra levels of safety and high quality five star treatment while inside the car.

The safety feature of the car has been especially taken care of by the manufacturer as the car is especially wrapped up using bullet proof glass and is able to resist grenade attacks while on the road in unfavorable locations.

The luxury feature of the car has been duly recognized by the manufacturer and the car hosts a luxury cabin where one can travel with ease. The cabin is equipped with exotic leather to give it a touch of class and curved woods to add to that refreshing feeling while traveling.

The car is not just a refreshing specimen to travel on the inside, but it also feels great from the outside with a luxurious black body that adds to the feeling of beauty on wheels. The addition of exterior cameras enables smooth driving and traveling.

The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Limo also adds itself to the front rank by using a special indoor exhaust system that recirculates the air inside the car instantly and gives a feeling of freshness while traveling inside the car and also protects passengers from harmful gases that might enter the car.

The entertainment value while traveling in the car has been taken care of by the company as it offers a satellite television system and advanced multimedia including iPad functionality and an innovative lighting system with color displays that make traveling charming.

For the luxury of the traveler, the limousine features captain style seats that are both heated and cooled according to need and enables a massage system that gives to the traveler unique methods of relaxation while traveling and enjoying the luxury of the vehicle.

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The limousine is also an exciting way to travel as it features a satellite telephone system that enables international calls and also serves as an executive mobile office making it a virtual office space while traveling.

The car hosts a unique limousine control system that enables to control the lighting, seats, cameras, ventilation, audio and television systems and a partition between passenger and driver. This car manufactured by the Canadian Inkas group is truly a luxury on the road besides offering advanced customization and protection while traveling. In addition, the sight and feel of the vehicle is sheer beauty as it stands or travels.