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Is Truck Driver a Good Job in the Army?

Are you wondering if a truck driver job in the Army is right for you? Choosing a truck driver job in the Army can be one of the easiest jobs in the Army. It is not like being in the infantry or having to wait a year for satellite communication slots. The Army consists of four parts, a physical fitness test, a written test, and an interview. However, it is an exciting job, but there are some downsides.

The Army is full of disciplined soldiers. It can be hard to wake up early in the morning, but truck drivers are largely responsible for their actions on the road. They must also be aware of their surroundings and be alert at all times. Semi trucks are dangerous, and they can easily injure others. As such, it is important to be disciplined in order to avoid accidents. In addition, truckers should be self-disciplined and have the ability to follow orders.

What Does an 88 Mike Do in the Army?

There are literally gazillions of ’88M’s in the Army, and there will always be a need for more. Depending on your unit, you could be hauling mail in Germany, supplies in Hawaii, or tanks in Texas, or pulling maintenance in Fort Leonard Wood. In addition to hauling mail and supplies, 88M’s train for convoy defense and common Soldier skills.

Regardless of your level of experience, the Army’s Motor Transport Operator (MOS) 88Ms are able to serve in virtually any unit, from support platoons to support battalions. They operate a wide variety of motor vehicles and equipment to move personnel and supplies around the military’s mission. This combat support position requires soldiers to work with others and perform their duties in adverse weather conditions.

To enlist in MOS 88M, you need to score an 85 on the ASVAB test in the operators and food area. To pass this test, you must have a valid driver’s license, and no colorblindness. Recruits with this MOS will have a ninety percent chance of going to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The 173rd Airborne Brigade is another great option for you to consider if you want to be a part of the Army.

What Does a Driver Do in the Army?

A truck driver’s role is quite varied. Army truck drivers, also known as 88M’s, drive trucks of up to five tons. It’s a great job, but it can also be dangerous, especially in combat. Here are some things you need to know about truck driving in the Army. These include: How long does truck driver training last? What types of vehicles do truck drivers operate?

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Despite the variety of truck driver jobs in the Army, truck driver jobs are some of the most accessible. As a truck driver, you won’t have to spend years training for a satellite communication job or even go into the infantry. The ASVAB, which consists of four parts, will determine if you have what it takes to become a truck driver in the military. After all, your training is not a “set and forget” process. Instead, you’ll be preparing for your new job while you’re at it.

The CDL program started in the Army 30 years ago, and trains soldiers with the proper skills to operate big rigs. The mission support Battalion has been praised for the program as an example of Army truck driver training. The leaders of the Mission Support Battalion cite statistics to show the effectiveness of their training program. In 2016, Soldiers from the Mission Support Battalion drove over seven hundred thousand miles without any major accidents.

How Much Does a 88M Make in the Army?

An 88M, also known as a motor vehicle operator, drives and secures cargo in military vehicles. MOS 88Ms train constantly for convoy defense, common Soldier skills training, and driver training. They are responsible for transporting equipment, personnel, and supplies across the globe. They make around $67,000 per year. The Army has a demand for drivers. This job is a great fit for those with good driving skills.

If you are looking for a challenging position, MOS 88M may be right for you. As a MOS 88M, you’ll be in charge of a convoy and can lead it into combat. While the work is dangerous, the camaraderie and benefits of the job make the hours worthwhile. However, be prepared to spend long hours away from your family and friends. This position is full of challenges, but can be rewarding when you feel like you’re protecting those around you.

Army Motor Transport Operators provide mobility to the Army. They operate wheeled vehicles and supervise their maintenance logs. They also requisition items within their level of maintenance responsibility. As a motor transport operator, you’ll be required to drive medium and heavy tactical vehicles, such as HEMTT M977A2s. Upon successful completion of the One Station Unit Training (OSUT), you’ll be assigned to basic combat training and advanced individual training.

What is a Truck Driver in the Army Called?

What is a Truck Driver in the Army? Military truck drivers are responsible for a variety of tasks, from making sure cargo is safe to operating loading equipment and assisting with the loading of personnel. These drivers must be able to recognize foreign traffic signals, operate radio and digital communication equipment, and ensure the safety of military personnel. Military vehicle operators are also responsible for maintaining the vehicle’s overall appearance.

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As part of training, soldiers with MOS 88M are given a physical fitness test. If they fail, they receive remedial PT in the evening. Some companies have full PT twice a day, depending on the company. This job is both gender-neutral and physically demanding. The Army also issues soldiers with a little red book to learn how to maintain their vehicles. This guide will help them become successful truck drivers in the Army.

A truck driver in the military must remain alert and aware of his environment to stay safe and make delivery. Truck drivers must also keep track of mileage and runs to ensure that they deliver on time. The Army recognizes that truck drivers are essential to military operations. While it might not seem like an appealing position, military jobs offer unique opportunities for veterans. First Lieutenant Ben Keating, who died in Afghanistan, was driving supplies to his new outpost when his truck rolled down a mountain and he was killed. In honor of his memory, the new outpost is now known as Combat Outpost Keating.

How Do You Become a Truck Driver in the Military?

As a former soldier, you’ll understand the need for responsibility and accountability. In the trucking industry, long haul trips are not uncommon, and you’ll be required to stay on task for several weeks or even months. But, before you choose a career in trucking, you should know what to expect. This article will give you the information you need to know to become a professional truck driver.

In the military, you’ll receive over 50,000 heavy trucks and buses for transportation. As a truck driver, you’ll be required to drive these vehicles and may even need to know how to operate a weapon. You’ll also have to be skilled at maintaining your vehicle, especially on difficult roads. This will require you to be able to spot problems and fix them before heading out on the road.

If you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver, there are many benefits to this type of job. In the first place, you’ll need to pass the CDL skills test, which is not the same as a civilian CDL. In addition, your military experience can translate directly into a career in trucking, as it allows you to qualify for a Military CDL Skills Test Waiver. This waiver will allow you to drive a truck for a year after you leave the military.

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What Does a 25 Bravo Do in the Army?

A 25B is a specialized Soldier who provides support to information systems, supervises unit-level maintenance and performs analyst functions. He or she also performs data system studies and documentation. Additionally, he or she performs preventive maintenance checks on assigned vehicles and power generators. The minimum requirements for the 25B job are United States citizenship and a score of 95 on the ASVAB on the skilled technical test.

As a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, a 25B can be assigned to a Brigade Combat Team, Rangers, or Special Forces. These soldiers can serve anywhere in the world and in any type of unit. The Army uses 25B’s to train soldiers and conduct various training. However, they do not receive any recognition for their work. Instead, they spend their time maintaining equipment and software and helping users with password resets and other problems.

The NCOIC of a 25U Signal Support System Specialist (SSS) is responsible for managing the overall operations and maintenance of the 25U. A 25U Signal Support Specialist is also responsible for overseeing the general upkeep of Army supplies and equipment. In addition, 25 Series MOS occupations involve network operations and the management of the electromagnetic spectrum. They also support tactical, strategic, and base communications.

How Long is Army 88M School?

The Motor Transport Operator (MOS) career is a demanding one, requiring a driver’s license and GED equivalent. The job is physically demanding, requiring long hours, but it is renowned for its high morale and dedication. How long is Army 88M school? becomes a critical question for many people considering joining the Army. Listed below are some important details of this career. The following information will give you a better idea of how long it takes to train for the job.

First, soldiers with MOS 88M will spend five days in classroom training. They are not allowed to sleep during this training, or they risk missing the start of their classes. During this time, they will receive specialized driving training on ‘pads,’ giant concrete areas designed for the 88M training. These trucks range from a 5-ton truck (M1083) to a large truck, HEMTT, or LHS, and they will spend a week on a 915 semi.

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