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HSV GTS Pictures and Specifications

HSV GTS Pictures and Specifications

Holden Special Vehicles, or HSV for short, is a performance branded vehicle based out of Australia. It has been built since 1987 in the country although it is actually owned by General Motors. The HSV GTS (Gen-F) variation is a sedan, although it is also the most powerful sedan constructed inside of Australia. It is based off of the VF Commodore design and has been in production since the last quarter of 2013. It uses a 577 horsepower engine that also is able to put out 740 pound feet of torque. With the impressive engine and specifications, it is also one of the more expensive vehicles produced inside of Australia, with a starting price right around $95,000.

The HSV GTS (Gen-F) is a higher end version of the GTS. The GTS is still a performance sedan that comes at a higher price tag (the prices quoted are in Australian Dollars), but it uses a slightly smaller engine that churns out 436 horsepower.

There are several versions of the HSV though, starting with the Maloo R8. The HSV GTS (Gen-F) is the most powerful though, and naturally it also comes with the highest price tag of any of the vehicles built by the company.

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