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How to Choose Best First Car for Teenager

How to Choose Best First Car for Teenager

Buying the first car for your teenage kid is always a very tricky affair that should be conducted with some great diligence. Teenagers will always want very fancy things and when it comes to cars, they could drive you overboard with wild choices. It is often every teenager’s dream to have the flashiest car in college but as a parent or guardian, you should always make sure you do what is right as opposed to following their whims.

The main factor to consider for starters is the safety of your teenager in the new car. Statistics have it that teenagers cause more accidents than any other age group. This is only understandable considering that they have only started driving. You should make a choice of a car that can guarantee your teenager’s safety on the road. If possible, you might consider fitting sped limiters just to make sure they do not over speed because this is a common offence that most teenagers commit.

The best first car for teenager should be chosen with consideration to their gender as well. Girls will like certain models and designs while boys may have different preferences. As a parent, you should consult your teenager about their likes and preferences before making any choices for them. This however does not mean you have to fulfill their demands. Sometimes they can make very atrocious demands.

You may as well want to consider used cars. This perhaps is the best way to go especially if you are on a tight budget. Used cars cost lesser than new ones. It is also common to have cases of cars vandalized by first time car owners including adults. By buying used cars, you give your teenager the chance to learn about cars and how to handle them so that when they eventually get a better car, they will know how to take care of the costly automobile with much ease. The best first car for teenager should not really tear into your budget because chances are that it will not last. If it does last, it will most likely be as a result of your frequent expenditure at the auto dealer on repairs.

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Auto insurance is another factor to consider when looking for the best first car for teenager. Every car must be insured before you can drive on the roads and the same applies to teenage cars. Insurers always demand higher premiums for first time drivers and more so when they are teenagers. This is because they are considered a high risk. Before you decide to pick on any particular type of car, find out the insurance rates that it is likely to attract.

The low end cars are often the best because they are cheaper to maintain and run. If you do not trust the driving skills of the teens, make sure you choose cars that will not be so costly to run. Locally common cars are a good starting point because their parts and accessories are locally available and will not cost much. That way, you do not have to worry about missing consumables for the car when you need to undertake some repairs.