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How Much For Truck Load of Dirt?

How much does a truck load of dirt cost? A typical load of dirt costs between $50 and $150. The cost of delivery depends on the size of the truck, how much dirt it contains, and how far it needs to be hauled. Miles over five miles are typically subject to additional charges. Most dirt companies require a two-yard minimum and charge an hourly rate, although some charge a flat rate for delivery and include the cost of shipping in the total cost.

There are many ways to obtain dirt for a project, and not all of them require a truckload. If you are doing a small landscaping project or working on a property, you may not need much dirt, but a large property or yard may require a truckload. If you are looking for a truckload for a moderate-sized project, the cost will depend on the type of dirt you need and how much it will cost.

How Much is a Truck Dirt?

How much does a truck load of fill dirt cost? The total price of one truckload is $150 to $480. Depending on the quality of fill dirt, one truck can carry 10 to 18 cubic yards of material. A single truckload can cover 100 square feet when spread 3 inches deep. This material is usually shipped by truck to your location. The total cost will depend on the size of the truck you need and its weight.

Fill dirt is soil that is 12 inches or more below the surface. Because it contains sediment and rocks, it resists breaking down. Fill dirt is best suited for grading a property’s soil and evening out the surface before construction. It can also serve as the base for driveways and flower beds. Topsoil is also best suited for landscaping as it has a higher water content than other types of soil.

How Much is a Dump Truck Load of Top Soil?

To estimate how much a dump truck load of top soil will cost, multiply the square footage by its weight. One cubic yard equals about 36 40-lb. bags. Depending on the source, you may need up to 35 cubic yards. The cost of delivery is roughly double the amount you pay for the top soil. If you plan to use it for landscaping, you may want to consider renting a truck instead.

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Most topsoil is sold by cubic yard, and prices are determined by the quantity. For instance, a cubic yard of screened top soil may cost $20. The screened top soil is filtered through a mesh, so the particles are more uniform and help plants grow. Screened top soil is more expensive than unscreened top soil, however, because it requires time to separate coarse fragments after delivery. In addition to topsoil, most rural companies blend it with compost. Another recent development in the topsoil market is manufactured top soil.

When it comes to grading, the higher the nutrient content, the cheaper the topsoil. In addition to being cheaper, topsoil is screened to ensure that it is more healthy and suitable for plant growth. Whether you’re working on a small-scale project or a big construction project, a truckload of topsoil can be extremely useful and affordable.

How Many Pounds of Dirt are in a Truck Load?

There are two standard units of dirt measurement: the cubic yard and the ton. A ton is equal to 1000 kg, while a half ton truck can carry less than half a yard of dirt. To figure out how much dirt to load into a truck, divide its length by its width and depth by twelve inches. Then, divide that figure by two. A yard of common dirt can weigh between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds.

One standard dump truck can carry about 10 to 14 cubic yards of dirt, which is about three feet high and six feet long. A six-foot truck bed can hold about 1.5 cubic yards of dirt, while a short-bed pickup truck can carry about five cubic feet. For comparison, the cubic yard capacity of a short-bed pickup truck is listed in the table below.

How Many Yards are in a Truck Load of Topsoil?

Dump trucks are classified according to their cubic yard capacity. A truck with a capacity of 10 to 14 cubic yards can haul anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 cubic feet of soil. The total amount of soil that a truck can haul in one trip will depend on the size of the load and the dry weight of the truck. For instance, a Class 3 load can hold 3,000 pounds of wet soil. A cubic yard of topsoil weighs between 914 and 0.914 cubic meters, while a cubic yard of dry clay soil is nearly 1,700 pounds.

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A truck load of dirt can fill a truck bed. A standard dump truck has a bed that is six feet long, 4.5 feet wide, and 1.5 inches high. One cubic yard of dirt takes up about three feet of space in a heap, so a truck load of dirt will fill a 6 foot truck bed. A yard of dirt requires between one hundred and sixteen2 shovels.

Will 1 Yard of Dirt Fit in a Pickup?

A full-size pick-up truck can hold between two and three cubic yards of dirt, mulch, or topsoil. A standard-size pickup truck can also haul one cubic yard of mulch. It is important to note that a full-size pick-up bed is only eight feet long, five feet wide, and 1.5 inches high. This means that one yard of dirt will fit in a pickup truck bed, leveled.

Soil is a heavy material. One cubic yard of soil weighs around 2,000 pounds. Depending on the moisture content and other materials in the dirt, it may weigh more or less. A 9-foot-long flower bed, three feet wide, and twelve inches deep weighs about one cubic yard of dirt. Soil can also weigh up to 3,000 pounds, which is why you’ll want to know how much dirt you’re bringing home.

How much dirt can a pickup truck hold? A typical full-size pickup truck has a payload capacity of around one thousand pounds. In other words, it can haul about two yards of dirt, depending on its size. A half-ton pickup truck can haul a half-yard of dirt, and a full-size truck can haul up to three cubic yards. Typically, the bed of a full-sized pick-up truck can carry between one and two yards of dirt by volume.

What is Considered a Load of Dirt?

A yard of dirt requires the use of nine to fourteen wheelbarrows. A typical 3-cubic-foot wheelbarrow is equivalent to approximately 9 tons of dirt. A two-cubic-foot wheelbarrow can be filled in about the same amount of time. The amount of dirt needed per yard depends on the density and water content of the soil. The lightest type of dirt is topsoil, while the heaviest is gravel.

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Fill dirt is found 12 inches below the soil surface. Due to the contents of this soil, it is resistant to breakdown. Fill dirt is usually used for grading property soil, evening out the surface for construction, building ditches, and providing a base for driveways. It can be purchased by the truckload, but it is not a good option for planting vegetation, as it’s too dense and hard to maintain healthy plant growth.

A yard of dirt is approximately 27 cubic feet, or three cubic meters. Similarly, a yard of topsoil will weigh 0.8 to 1.3 tons. Both types of dirt can be purchased at bulk dirt suppliers, and their prices are generally listed by cubic yards. They will also include the space it takes up in the truck. When dumped, a yard of dirt is equivalent to nine to fourteen wheelbarrows of dirt.

What Does 13 Yards of Soil Look Like?

Considering the average weight of a cubic yard of soil, what does 13 yards look like in a truck load of dirt? A yard of dry soil weighs approximately 2200 pounds and is a relatively dense, compacted material. A standard pickup truck, with a payload capacity of 1500 pounds, can transport approximately 1.5-2 cubic yards of dry soil. A truckload of loose soil, on the other hand, weighs around 3000 pounds and is heavier.

In terms of cubic yards, you can easily estimate the volume of soil you need by dividing the three dimensions by 27, or by multiplying the three dimensions together. Purchasing a truckload of soil should be based on your budget. You can purchase bags of dirt from a local garden store, but if you need delivery of your dirt, you may want to consider bulk dirt suppliers.

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