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How Much Does a Refrigerated Truck Cost in India?

The need for refrigerated trucks is on the rise in India, driven by the expansion of the cold chain logistics industry and an increase in the number of food retail services. Increasing consumer inclination towards frozen foods, along with the availability of such products, are also pushing the market. Several food retailers are focusing on deploying advanced cold chain transportation facilities.

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The refrigerated truck market in India is divided into various segments, including truck type, temperature compartment, application, and region. The light weight truck category is mainly used for intra-city transportation of perishable goods, while the heavy-duty truck category is used for long-distance transportation of perishable goods. Heavy-duty trucks have multi-temperature refrigerated systems and a higher capacity than light-weight trucks.

How Does a Truck Refrigeration Unit Work?

A truck refrigeration unit works by using the engine of a vehicle to move a liquid refrigerant through a cycle. It can be set to either operate for refrigeration or defrosting. The refrigerant passes through a condenser coil and is cooled through the process. This cools the liquid and absorbs heat from the cargo area.

To keep goods safe and cool, refrigerated trucks are designed to regulate temperature to avoid spoilage. The refrigeration system in a truck is a closed-loop system. It uses constant cyclical processes to keep the interior temperature at the regulated set point. This system consists of three different parts, each of which is crucial to the operation of the truck.

The compressor is the front cooling device and is powered by the engine of the truck. The compressor draws in the gaseous refrigerant and converts it into a liquid. The liquid then flows through a tube that contains fins, which have a high surface area ratio.

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What is a Refrigerated Unit?

A Refrigerated Unit helps transport many goods. It is a mobile unit that can be mounted on trucks, trailers, and intermodal shipping containers. They are used to transport many types of products, including dairy products, frozen foods, and other items that require dual temperature settings. This type of refrigeration has evolved over time, and today’s models are more efficient than ever.

A refrigeration unit operates by using a compressor. These compressors are typically reciprocating, though other types are also available. Single-compressor refrigeration plants are used for low-temperature cooling, while multi-compressor units are used for higher temperatures. These refrigeration units are typically cheaper than their multi-compressor counterparts.

What is Mobile Refrigeration?

Mobile refrigeration is the transportation of cold, frozen food. There are many types of foods that need to be stored and transported in refrigerated containers to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Some of these foods include seafood, live cultures, meat, and fresh dairy. With the use of mobile refrigeration, manufacturers can expand their market reach and keep their products safe.

Refrigeration is crucial for medicines, vaccines, and cut flowers. If they do not keep the correct temperature, the products can deteriorate or go bad, putting the health of the patients at risk. Additionally, mobile refrigeration is crucial for vaccines and other medical supplies. It is also used to transport organs for transplantation. The cooler temperatures keep the organ’s tissue viable until it attaches to a new blood supply.

Mobile refrigerators are great for extending the shelf life of products. They also save money and help preserve the quality of the products. Depending on the use of the unit, a refrigerator can have various compartments. Some units may even include locking drawers. Some are specially designed to accommodate controlled substances.

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What is the Cost of a Refrigerated Van?

A Refrigerated van can be of many different sizes and shapes. Some models are small, while others are much larger. These vehicles are useful for delivering cold products. Some are designed to transport food or produce, while others are more versatile, with the ability to store both food and drinks.

How Many Reefer Trucks are There in India?

The number of reefer trucks operating in India has increased in recent years. In fact, the industry is worth more than Rs.1,288 billion. These trucks are a key component of the cold chain industry, a sector with high growth potential. They meet the needs of end users and operators, and ensure that perishables are transported safely and securely.

New technologies are improving the performance of the industry. For example, the cost of transporting per kilogram of goods has fallen from Rs.4.5 to 45 paise. Cold chain integration is becoming more sophisticated, and reefer trucks are benefiting from better temperature monitoring. One of the companies developing innovative solutions is Promethean Power Systems, based in Massachusetts. This company has developed innovative milk chillers and has introduced a thermal battery that stores thermal energy when the grid is available and releases it when it is not.

The cold chain segment in India has multiple growth drivers, including growing awareness about processed food waste and government initiatives. These factors are helping drive the demand for chilled transportation in the country. In addition, the industry is also growing in the retail sector, resulting in a demand for modern cold storage facilities.

How Many Hours Does a Reefer Unit Last?

How long a reefer unit lasts depends on a few factors, including the weight of the load, the amount of refrigerating required, and the number of hours the unit is used. These factors are important to understand. Reefer manufacturers and rental fleets often offer instructional videos to train drivers. Modern models have features such as alarms and temperature monitoring gear that will alert the driver if they detect a problem.

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Reefer units typically log around 4,000 hours per year. The older a reefer unit is, the more hours it has been in service. You should try to avoid a unit with more than 30,000 hours on it, as these units are considered unreliable.

A typical reefer truck will need to fill up with fuel every four to five days. Depending on the type of truck and the average temperature, a reefer unit could last up to seven days before requiring a refill. However, if the unit is not being used or has been unloaded, it may not even need a refill.

How Do Refrigerated Trucks Stay Cold?

There are several factors that influence the market for refrigerated trucks in India. Some of them include improvements in roads and tax reliefs. Another factor is the rise in demand for perishable goods and pharmaceuticals. These products require a particular temperature to stay fresh, and the trucks help maintain the supply chain.

The cooling system in a truck works by using various parts to maintain the temperature inside the cargo compartment. It is equipped with a compressor that draws in a gaseous refrigerant through the piping system. The compressor then releases the heat to the condenser. The condenser then cools down the gaseous matter and turns it into a liquid.

Currently, the refrigeration truck market in India is in its infancy stage. However, the government has done some work to promote the cold chain in the country. The truck refrigerator market in India is expected to grow significantly until FY2027.

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