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How Much a Truck Driver Get Paid in UK?

How Much does a truck driver earn in the UK? The government recently published figures showing that half of truck drivers earn less than twenty-four thousand pounds and fifty percent make more. This figure is called the median salary, which means that if you want to make a decent living as a truck driver, you need to aim for this figure. But what exactly is the pay like? What are the benefits and disadvantages of truck driving?

The compensation of a truck driver varies widely and is highly dependent on several factors. A good driving record, experience and willingness to accept risk are just a few of the factors that contribute to their compensation. Truckers who travel to remote locations and work under the hazmat category will get paid more because they are responsible for transporting hazardous materials, which can damage the environment and cause mass casualties. So what are the best ways to increase a truck driver’s compensation?

What is the Highest Paid Truck Driving Job UK?

If you are looking for a challenging and physically demanding job, truck driving is an excellent choice. Although it is stressful and requires long hours, it can also be financially rewarding. UK truck driving jobs are usually leased by large logistics companies, but you can also become self-employed and run your own rig. Either way, the UK is a great place to get started as a truck driver, and it’s also a great place to earn good money.

As a truck driver, your salary is directly correlated with your experience. You can earn between two and ten thousand pounds per year depending on your experience, education, and the location where you drive. However, the higher your education, the higher your salary. Truck drivers with more than 10 years of experience can expect to earn up to thirty thousand pounds per year, or more. You can earn more than half of this amount if you work at a large trucking company or drive a tractor-trailer, but your pay is likely to be lower than that.

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Does UK Hire Foreign Truck Drivers?

In the current global labour market, the UK is facing a severe shortage of truck drivers. A new scheme was introduced recently to bring in 300 foreign truck drivers with ADR licenses for up to six months. The UK government collected data from interested lorry drivers and released it for public consumption. Those who meet the eligibility criteria were given an $8,000 signing incentive. Nevertheless, the shortage is still not enough. The shortage may even spread to continental Europe.

The UK government recently extended an emergency visa scheme for truck drivers, extending the duration of the temporary visa scheme to recruit as many foreign truck drivers as possible. Although the temporary visa scheme was designed to attract truckers from abroad, many critics complained that the scheme was too short and did not provide enough attractive benefits to the applicants. However, the government is now aiming to recruit 5,000 foreign truck drivers to fill the vacancies.

How Much Do Tesco Lorry Drivers Earn?

In the recent job vacancy, Tesco has advertised for lorry drivers, offering a PS1,000 signing-on fee. The supermarket is scrambling to fill its gap in the transport workforce and the announcement comes amid frenzied competition for specialist licences amid Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic and tax changes. Drivers also face increasing competition from home delivery services, who have a surge in demand for their services.

The company’s plight has led to increased online job ads, four-fold more than in the pre-pandemic years. Meanwhile, insiders estimate that driver pay has risen by between 10% and 20%. The rise in demand, however, hasn’t led to a boost in recruitment despite the increased demand. Government efforts to solve the shortage have included extending driving hours and stepping up training facilities.

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A Waitrose lorry driver earns PS53,780 a year, which is more than the salary of a solicitor or secondary school teacher. Waitrose lorry drivers also benefit from an array of benefits, including discounted holidays and membership to a private members club. The average age of a UK HGV driver is 55. With this salary, it’s no surprise that the supermarket giants are offering such high salaries.

Is Truck Driving a Good Job UK?

There’s an ongoing debate about the employment outlook for truck drivers in the UK. While trucking has long been considered a male-dominated job, the recent shortage of drivers in Nigeria and the UK has led to a plethora of vacancies. Recruiters are scrambling to attract more female talent to the industry in order to meet the growing demand for drivers. However, trucking remains a largely under-appreciated and underpaid profession, so attracting women into the industry may not be as easy as it once was.

While the UK average salary for truck drivers is low, it is relatively high compared to other occupations. One company, Waitrose, is currently offering PS60,000 to delivery drivers. This increase is higher than the average salary for architects, lawyers, and secondary school teachers. But despite these low wages, truck drivers are able to earn a good living. However, this position requires long hours, so you might want to choose another career.

How Much Do Stobart Drivers Earn?

If you’ve always wanted to be in Formula One, a career as a truck driver with Stobart could be a great choice. The company is currently recruiting truck drivers for its Special Operations Division, which moves multi-million dollar Formula One equipment from the pits to the hospitality units at the race. The company has several F1 contracts and will be sponsoring three of next year’s triple-headers, including the Turkish Grand Prix.

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To join the fleet of Stobart trucks, you’ll need to be 18 years old or above, hold a valid UK driving licence and be able to provide a valid vehicle. Depending on the area you live, you can earn from PS32k to PS34k per day. You can earn more than that if you drive on the weekend or during the evening. You’ll also receive allowances from the company.

How Much Amazon Drivers Make UK?

There are a growing number of legal challenges surrounding the working conditions of delivery van drivers for Amazon. Some drivers are forced to deliver more than 250 parcels per shift while others have given up their dream of home ownership. These cases highlight the fact that many delivery drivers are self-employed and don’t have the right to holiday pay or a minimum wage. However, a British law firm has launched a group action against Amazon drivers, arguing that they should have more rights.

As an Amazon driver, you’ll earn around PS25,206 a year in the London area. However, you’ll lose a lot of your car’s value as a result. On average, Amazon drivers clock in around 18,000 miles a year through Flex deliveries. For comparison, the average UK driver logs in under seven thousand miles a year. However, with the benefits that come with this position, it’s easy to see why these drivers are so popular with the public.

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