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How Long is the Bed on a Short Bed Truck?

When shopping for a new truck, you should consider how long you need the bed to be. The length of a truck’s bed will affect its fuel economy, ride quality, and handling. To determine which bed length best meets your needs, check out this guide.

In determining the length of your bed, you need to think about how much cargo you’re planning on hauling. Short bed trucks provide a limited amount of cargo space. A 5.5-foot model will hold about 50 cubic feet of cargo, while a 6.5-foot bed will hold 78.5 cubic feet. For large-scale hauls, you’ll want to consider a truck with an 8-foot bed.

To measure the bed length, start by measuring the distance from the tailgate to the inside bulkhead. This distance will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How Long is a Long Bed Vs Short Bed?

Long bed pickup trucks can be used to haul a lot of cargo. They can hold up to twice as much as short bed pickups. However, they aren’t as comfortable for people with children or pets. Also, they can be difficult to park in a garage or back lot because of their size.

A long bed pickup truck typically has a higher towing capacity and better fuel economy. This is especially important if you use your truck for towing things like RVs and fifth wheels. However, long bed trucks are more expensive than their short bed counterparts. Some automakers don’t even offer long bed pickups.

Short bed pickup trucks are more common in midsize pickup trucks. They are commonly seen in models like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Honda Ridgeline. The long bed can fit longer items, but is usually only used to haul more. The standard bed is approximately 7 feet long, while the short bed is five to 10 inches shorter.

How Long is a Short Bed Truck F150?

The Ford F150 comes in several different lengths, including a short bed. It can be as short as 5.5 feet, or as long as eight feet. While short-bed models are easier to drive around town, they are not as practical for hauling large items.

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The length of the bed will depend on the type of cab and trim level. A regular cab has a 6.5-foot bed and is 17.4 feet long. A short bed will likely have a shorter bed and will need a tailgate to be opened.

Ford F-150 models come in a variety of bed lengths and trim levels. You should be able to find the perfect length for your needs with our helpful cab and engine selection tools. If you’re not sure, visit a dealership to learn more. The sales staff can also help you choose the best cab and engine for your needs.

How Long is a 5Ft Truck Bed?

There are several different measurements for truck beds. The first is the length from the tailgate to the inside of the bulkhead. Depending on the manufacturer, the length might be slightly different. Another measurement is the height. The height of the truck bed is the distance from the bottom to the top of the walls of the bed. You should round the measurement to the nearest half-foot. Once you know the measurements, you can compare them to the advertised size of the truck bed.

The bed size is important for a truck’s cargo capacity and maneuverability. A truck with a short bed is not as useful for hauling big items. However, it is easier to drive and maneuver than one with a long bed. The bed of a small truck may be convenient if you plan to haul large objects but don’t want to be crammed in the bed with an overloaded cargo.

Generally, pickup truck beds are six to 6.5 feet long. However, the actual length may vary by several inches. The most common trucks report their bed length in feet, plus an additional inch or two.

What is a Standard Truck Bed Length?

Trucks are available with a variety of bed lengths. A short bed is about five feet eight inches long, while a long bed measures over eight feet. Both lengths are acceptable for hauling light loads. Short beds are common on midsize pickup trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Ranger, and Honda Ridgeline.

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The most convenient way to measure a truck bed is to measure from the tailgate edge to the inside bulkhead. You can also use a tape measure and a paper and eraser, or you can use a smartphone calculator to find the bed’s length. Keep in mind that bodywork can add a few inches to the measurement.

The length of a truck’s bed varies greatly depending on the model and make. Standard truck bed lengths range from 4.3 feet in the Hyundai Santa Cruz to eight feet for the 2015 Ram 1500. Longer trucks are usually used for cargo transporting and utilitarian purposes.

How Long is a F250 Short Bed?

Whether you’re buying a Ford F250 or a Chevrolet Silverado, you’ll want to know how long the truck’s bed is. A standard truck bed is about 6 feet, 5 inches long. Short beds, however, are much shorter. The length is measured from the front edge of the bed to the tailgate.

The wheelbase varies, too, between different trim levels. The 5.5-foot short bed has a wheelbase of 67.1 inches, while the 6.5-foot regular bed has a wheelbase of 78.9 inches. The bottom three trim levels are five feet long, while the 8-foot long bed measures 97.6 inches long by 50.6 inches. Ultimately, the size of the truck bed will determine how much cargo you can haul.

The Ford F-250 Crew Cab has a maximum cargo bed space of eight feet. Its overall length is 79.9 feet, and its bed is 65.4 cubic feet. Its bed is similar to other cab styles, though, so you can buy either one and still be comfortable with the size of your bed. For more detailed information, check out the Ford F-250 owner’s manual.

How Long is a Ford F150 Crew Cab with Short Bed?

The Ford F150 is available with a short bed or long bed. The short bed model is smaller than the long bed, with a length of only 231.7 inches. The regular cab model has a 6.5-foot bed, and the supercab model has a 5.5-foot bed. However, the Raptor only comes with a short bed.

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When you choose a crew cab, you’ll have to consider the length of the bed. The length of the truck’s bed is determined by its length and width. The exterior dimensions vary from 17.2 feet to 18.8 feet. A short bed measures half a foot shorter than a full-size bed.

The Ford F150 is available in regular, SuperCab, and Crew Cab configurations. The length of the bed will vary depending on the cab design and trim level. The short bed is the most popular and can fit in most residential garages. The longer version can fit up to seven-foot trailers.

What are the Different Truck Bed Sizes?

When shopping for a truck, you’ll want to understand the different bed sizes available. The smallest truck bed is only 3.5 feet long, while the largest bed is over seven feet long. The length of a truck bed is measured from the front edge of the bed to the tailgate.

The bed size of your truck depends on your cab size, so you’ll want to choose the one that best fits your needs. In the past, there were only two basic bed lengths: longbeds and shortbeds. But as cab styles have become more diverse, truck bed lengths have grown, too. Today, truck manufacturers produce several different lengths, making it more difficult to choose the right bed size for your truck.

Pickup trucks are great for hauling things. However, not everyone needs a big bed. A short bed is just big enough to handle a small amount of cargo. For example, an extra-short bed is available on the 2019 Nissan Titan S. However, all bed sizes have their pros and cons. If you’re planning on carrying a large payload, a small bed can limit your options and cause shifts.

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