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How Long is a Ram 1500 Truck?

Ram 1500 truck owners can rest easy knowing their rig has the latest safety features. It comes standard with airbags and a rearview camera. The rear suspension system is redesigned with active air chambers. Its engine is a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 that produces 480 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 rpm. It also boasts a 33-gallon fuel tank, up from 26.0 or 23 gallons. The Ram 1500 is available with an Off-Road Group, which adds heavy-duty shock absorbers and tow hooks. It also features all-terrain tires and a locking rear differential.

The Ram 1500 also has an optional RAMBOX storage system. This lockable container comes with built-in power outlets. A RAM 1500’s bed is 5 feet 7 inches long, which makes it ideal for hauling large items or even a small RV. The bed is also spacious, with 53.9 cubic feet of cargo space. You can also add RamBox(r) storage for more cargo space.

The RAM 1500 family comes with two bed sizes. There is a short bed and a standard bed. The short bed is 5′ 7″ long, while the standard bed measures 6′ 4″ long. The longer bed is generally preferred over the short bed.

How Long is a Dodge Ram 1500 Truck?

There are many different types of pickup trucks, and the size of one can play a large part in choosing the right one. Whether you need a large pickup truck for work or a personal utility vehicle, knowing how long a Dodge RAM 1500 truck is will help you make an informed decision. The length of a truck’s bed and cab is important, as they can affect maneuverability in garages and parking spaces. Thankfully, the Dodge RAM 1500 comes in many different cab and bed configurations.

The interior of the Dodge Ram 1500 is roomy and comfortable, with plenty of space for people and gear. There are reclining seats in the back that can recline up to eight degrees, as well as an adjustable center console for extra storage space. There are also many different storage options available, including in-floor storage that won’t affect rear legroom.

When looking for a truck, you should consider its size and weight. A Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab version with a 6’4″ bed has a length of 241.8 inches. It is also available in several trim levels, including Tradesman, Big Horn, and Limited Longhorn.

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How Long is a Ram 1500 in Ft?

Ram 1500 trucks come in several different bed lengths. The bed width is 66.4 inches while the bed depth is 21.5 inches. To determine the exact length of a Ram 1500 truck, use a measuring tape and measure from the lowest level of the truck bed to the outside edge of the tailgate. You can then divide that number by twelve to get the exact length in feet.

The RAM 1500 is one of the most popular light duty trucks on the market today. One of the reasons it is so popular is its affordability and stylish design. The interior space is also spacious and can accommodate up to six people comfortably. Its bed also comes with a variety of technology features and offers plenty of legroom for all passengers.

In addition to its interior space, Ram 1500 also offers a variety of storage options. Among them is the center console, which has cupholders, two bins, and a covered compartment under the rear floor. This console also provides charging options for up to five devices.

How Long is a Dodge Ram 1500 Long Bed?

The Ram 1500 is available with a variety of bed lengths. Standard beds are five feet seven inches long and six feet four inches wide, and you can opt for longer beds for extra cargo space. The Ram 1500 is also available with two-door and crew cab bodies, and both body styles can accommodate a long bed.

A RAM 1500 with a long bed is ideal for hauling large cargo. The cab and bed length will determine the truck’s size and payload capacity. The standard bed width is 51 inches wide and measures 4’25” from left to right. The Ram 1500 can also be ordered with two different box lengths – eight feet long and six feet four inches long.

The length of a pickup bed is an important consideration when shopping for a new truck. Pickup trucks can be quite large, and their length can affect their maneuverability in a garage or parking space. The length of the bed will depend on the trim level and cab configuration, which can be found on the Ram 1500 official website. A typical home garage is approximately 12 feet long and 20 feet deep. Some configurations, however, may be too long to fit into a standard garage, so take this into account before you make a decision.

How Long is a Ram 1500 with a 6 Foot Bed?

The RAM 1500 family comes in two bed sizes: a standard 6’4″ bed and a short 5’7″ bed. The standard bed is longer and wider than the short one, with a total volume of 53.9 cu. ft. This makes the 6 ft bed the largest bed in the RAM 1500 family. The shorter bed, the 5’7″ bed, is slightly shorter and narrower than the standard bed.

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The Ram 1500’s multifunction tailgate is easy to use and makes loading and unloading a breeze. The 5-foot-7 box is only available with the crew cab configuration, but it has an attractive and practical open cargo bed. It has a cargo volume of 53.9 cubic feet, and is 66.4 inches wide and 21.4 inches deep. A 6-foot-four bed is longer and wider than the 5-foot-7 bed, and it offers more payload capacity.

The RAM 1500 is one of the most popular light-duty trucks on the market today. It’s built tough, offers innovative features, and is highly affordable. It can accommodate up to six passengers and can tow large loads. The interior has plenty of space and a well-appointed cabin.

Does a Ram 1500 Fit in Garage?

When it comes to determining how much space a Ram 1500 truck needs in a garage, there are several factors to consider. The size of the door opening, the width of the vehicle, and the length of the vehicle are all important considerations. The Ram 1500 is about six feet wide and 19.4 feet long, so it should fit comfortably in a standard one-car garage with a little extra room.

Fortunately, the Ram 1500 truck is one of the most popular pick-ups in the United States. While its size makes it a popular choice for many people, it is still relatively large, and might have difficulty fitting into a standard garage, especially if you live in an apartment. It may also require that you park it at an angle, which may make it difficult to park in some garages.

The dimensions of a Ram 1500 truck vary a bit depending on its model. A standard-sized model of the truck will fit into a one-car garage, but it will have to be parked near the back wall. Also, you won’t have much side space.

How Long is a Dodge Ram 1500 Single Cab?

The length of a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck varies depending on the trim level and cab configuration. Knowing the length of your Dodge Ram 1500 pickup will help you determine whether it will fit into a garage or parking space. Luckily, Dodge offers a number of configurations so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs.

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The Dodge RAM 1500 is available with a single cab, double cab or crew cab. The Crew Cab and Single Cab each have different bed lengths. The crew cab comes with the longest bed length at 6.5 feet, while the single cab has a shorter bed length.

The new Ram 1500 was first introduced in 2002. It was the second generation model for the heavy-duty Ram. This was the first extended-cab pickup with four doors. The Ram 1500 has the same name as the second-generation version, but has a different style. Moreover, it features a hood ornament that denotes two-wheel drive. The single cab has a D or Ram, while the four-wheel-drive option has a W or Power Ram.

How Long is a Single Cab Long Bed Truck?

If you’re considering buying a RAM 1500 truck, one question you might have is: How long is the bed? There are two types of Ram 1500 beds: the standard bed and the long bed. The long bed has a length of 76.4 inches and a width of 66.4 inches. It offers a capacity of 53.9 cubic feet. The short bed, on the other hand, has a maximum length of 5 feet and a height of 21.5 inches.

Ram 1500 trucks have a bed length of five feet seven inches. There are also two bed lengths in the RAM 1500 Classic. These two bed lengths are also referred to as “bed styles,” but they refer to a different type of bed. The classic cab is the shortest of the two, and the crew cab is the largest.

The length of a Ram 1500 Single Cab Long Bed Truck depends on the trim level and cab configuration. It is best to refer to the Ram 1500 official website for more information. However, note that a single cab can be longer than a crew cab.

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