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How Do I Become a Truck Driver For the Military?

There are many benefits to being a truck driver for the military. Military personnel understand the importance of safety regulations and rules. After all, not following them can be life-threatening. A career in trucking entails observing safety regulations and rules and taking action accordingly. In addition to the practical aspects of driving a large vehicle, military drivers also enjoy the lifelong benefits that come with this job. Here are some of the key aspects that make it a good fit for people looking to enter the military:

Those with experience in the military often have more communication options than other types of drivers. A truck driver may still have frequent contact with loved ones. Unlike an office job, truck driving does not require long hours. You will be away from home for a shorter period of time than the typical nine-to-five job. If you enjoy traveling, truck driving may be the perfect career for you. By following these steps, you can start the training process right away.

What Does an 88M Do in the Army?

What does an 88M do in the military? The 88M is a motor transport operator. They operate over 50,000 Army vehicles, including semi-tractor trailers, passenger buses, and heavy equipment transports. The 88M’s daily tasks include driving trucks, loading cargo, and performing driver training. These vehicles help the Army transport supplies and personnel all over the world. The 88M also has a number of important roles in the Army.

To become an 88M, a driver needs to have nerves of steel and be fearless. He or she must also be able to drive a truck, which requires mechanical ability and precision. This Army MOS requires seven weeks of training, and a high school diploma or GED equivalent. If an individual is looking to become a motor transport driver, this MOS is a good option.

The 88M is responsible for all wheel vehicle operations. They supervise drivers performing PMCS on vehicles and manage a driver sustainment training program. These soldiers also plan and execute convoy operations, perform reconnaissance of route, and command a convoy march unit. They also supervise the transportation of all types of cargo, supervise the operation of material handling equipment, and support mechanics. If you’re interested in joining this MOSC, sign up for an 88M training course today!

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How Many Truck Drivers are in the US Military?

Veterans make up a large portion of the country’s truck driving workforce, with 1 out of 10 truck drivers in the military. Veterans have the skills necessary to succeed as owner operators. They’re used to long separations from their families, and they’re skilled at operating a truck on their own under difficult conditions. This means that they make excellent owner operators. These are just some of the reasons why veterans are ideal for the trucking industry.

The United States has 22 million veterans. Out of those, about nine million are part of the workforce. About eleven percent of those veterans work in the trucking industry. Many fleets actively recruit military members and are even launching new programs to help them transition from military to driving jobs. This means that more truck drivers are needed in the trucking industry. In fact, trucking companies are currently hiring more military veterans than they can handle.

What Trucks Do 88M Drive?

The 88M truck is used for a variety of purposes. They may be used to haul mail and supplies to a military base in Germany, haul loads to Texas, or pull maintenance at a fort in Missouri. They are part of the 66th Transportation Company, which provides line haul support to various USAREUR units. The 88M is a great choice for someone interested in a military career but does not have to be a veteran.

The 88M motor vehicle operator serves in virtually every unit in the Army. Typically, they are assigned to P1 support platoons. They may also be assigned to support groups, battalions, or theaters. 88M motor vehicle operators receive regular training in such areas as convoy defense, common soldier skills, and driver training. Regardless of their role in the Army, they are vital to the supply chain.

What is a Truck Driver in the Army Called?

In the Army, a truck driver is called an Army Motor Transport Operator (AMT-O). They operate wheeled vehicles, supervise the maintenance log, and requisition items in their level of responsibility. Army MTOs also operate heavy and medium tactical vehicles, such as HEMTT M977A2s. Drivers must be self-disciplined and know how to follow orders. They must be willing to go the extra mile to fulfill their duties.

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The Army has over 50,000 buses and heavy trucks, so having an understanding of how to operate these vehicles is an excellent skill set. Not only must truck drivers know how to operate weapons, but they must also be skilled in maintaining vehicles and identifying problems before heading out in the field. In addition, truck drivers must be capable of maintaining their vehicles to ensure their safety and the safety of military personnel. To qualify for this job, applicants must be willing to spend up to a year in training.

Light or delivery service truck drivers operate trucks weighing less than three tons and approximately two6,000 pounds. These drivers make deliveries, load cargo, and perform emergency repairs. Many light truck drivers spend long hours driving several hours at a stretch. Many of them work in extremely hazardous conditions and often load and unload their own trucks. They may also be required to perform heavy lifting and walking to complete their duties. This career is demanding but rewarding.

Does the Army Give You a CDL?

Does the Army Give You a CDL to Drive a Truck? While this is a common question, the answer varies depending on the branch of the military and the training you complete. There are a few factors you should take into account before starting your training. Whether you qualify for a CDL depends on the degree level and the type of CDL training you take. If you qualify, you can take advantage of the GI Bill to pay for school. GI Bill eligibility will depend on several factors, such as the percentage of your eligible tuition and your other circumstances. In addition, you can earn money through your housing allowance or other stipends. GI Bill programs aren’t available to all schools, but they can give you a leg up on the competition when choosing a school.

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For the CDL test, you must have completed a driver’s education. The training you received while in the military can be applied for when applying for a commercial driver’s license. The training is generally similar to that required for civilian licenses. During your training, you’ll learn the proper techniques and rules for driving commercial vehicles, such as trailers and brakes. For civilian commercial motor vehicles, the CDL requirements are similar to those you’d need for driving a truck.

Can an 88M Go Airborne?

Recruits with an airborne option can expect to spend 90 percent of their time at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and ten percent of their time in Vicenza, Italy. They are also likely to spend a portion of their time in Anchorage, Alaska. But what if you don’t have the right MOS? In that case, you’ll have to apply separately. The Army allocates a few slots each year to airborne trainees.

Where Does 88M Go For Basic Training?

MOS 68G stands for “Program for The Study of Administration of Medicine,” and this is one of the Army’s shortest MOSs – only seven weeks. MOS 88M is an AIT specialty and is called “Motor Transport Operator (I).” This career field is in demand around the world, and 88M’s are often called truck drivers. These drivers operate various types of trucks, hauling supplies and personnel across rugged terrain.

Upon enlisting, enlistees receive training for MOS 88M, and then are assigned based on their skills and preferences. In the case of the airborne option, they’re most likely to be assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. During this time, they also take part in “Advanced Individual Training.”

MOS 88M recruits must pass a series of tests, including the ASVAB. These tests determine a recruit’s physical and mental capacity, as well as their aptitude for certain types of work. MOS 88M positions require a GED or driver’s license, and are often physically demanding. But the dedication of 88M soldiers makes up for the long hours of training and testing.

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