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Ford Torino ‘1971

Ford Torino ‘1971

The Ford Torino ‘1971 was available in 14 different models. Among them were 4-door sedans and station wagons, as well as the Cobra which combined the style of the sleek muscle car with a 351-4V. The majority were 302-2V with 145hp. In theory, the car could reach 101 mph easily, with a bit more on the tachometer.

The gas mileage was not great, approximately 15.9 in town, but gas was cheaper at the time the car was manufactured. The 2-door Torino was available as a hardtop or convertible. The Cobras of this year had 2 separate tail lights, while other models featured one long taillight. Another benefit of the Cobra was a 4-speed Hurst transmission. Some of the sports models had a faux hood scoop, which was very popular at the time. The colors for this model were dark green, raven black, medium blue, light yellow gold, candy apple red, lime green, and white, to name a few.

Though the Ford Torino ‘1971 was little changed from earlier models, it has been speculated that the down-grade of the engine was due to higher insurance and emission controls. The 1971 also saw an emblem and grill alteration, with a midline division.

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