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Does Ram Make a 4500 Truck?

Ram is a truck company that produces trucks that are designed for extreme duty applications. The Ram 4500/5500 has a chassis that is designed to accommodate multiple applications with ease. It also features a double action transmission with traction control and four-wheel rear drive. It is a great choice for businesses that need to carry large amounts of cargo.

Its cab features ergonomic technology and comfortable seats, and it also comes standard with an AM/FM/MP3 stereo and a two-speaker audio system. The 4500 Chassis Cab also has a full-length storage area beneath the bench seat. With a lot of capability and a high level of performance, the RAM 4500 is a great truck for businesses.

With a 6.4L HEMI(r) V8 engine, the Ram 4500 can tow up to 19,040 pounds. It also has a payload capacity of 9,690 pounds, which makes it a great option for hauling larger loads.

How Much is a Ram 4500?

The RAM 4500 is a mid-size truck that comes in a wide range of trim levels. The base model starts at $24,999 and goes up to $89,999. There are various options available when purchasing a new truck, such as a power tailgate, heated steering wheel, and heated seats. The top-end variants are 288 inches long and 97 inches wide. You can purchase a Ram 4500 from any dealership or online retailer.

A Ram 4500 is an excellent truck for heavy work and hauling. It has the biggest brake calipers and rotors in its class. This means it can handle more weight and offers a smoother ride than its predecessors. Additionally, it complies with U.S. 2010 emissions standards, making it ideal for heavy-duty work.

The Ram 4500 is available in Chassis Cab and Crew Cab body styles. It has an Intercooled Turbo Diesel I-6 6.7-liter 408 engine. It comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and trailer-sway control.

How Much Can a Ram 4500 Haul?

The Ram 4500 is a versatile commercial work truck that is built to meet the demands of a variety of industries. Its robust design makes it easy to tow heavy loads, and it can be customized for the needs of a particular driver. For example, the Tradesman 84in Crew Cab has a towing capacity of 29,800 pounds, while the Regular Crew Cab 60in model can haul 18,030 pounds.

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The Ram 4500 comes with two engine options. The first is a 6.4-liter V-8 engine that can tow up to 21,540 pounds. The second option is the 6.7-liter Cummins-turbo-diesel engine, which has a towing capacity of 37,100 pounds. The Ram 1500 and 3500 models have different curb weights, but they all weigh between 4775 and 5323 pounds.

The RAM 4500 is slightly more expensive than other RAM models, but it offers an excellent range of luxury and technology features that make it a great work vehicle or leisure vehicle. RAM’s Ram 3500 is a similar truck, but the Ram 4500 is more powerful and has a higher GVWR and towing capacity. The RAM 3500 is a less powerful pickup than the RAM 4500, but it is still a great choice for your commercial or personal use.

Do I Need a CDL For a Ram 5500?

A Ram 5500 dump truck is not a car, but it meets the requirements for a commercial vehicle. It has a curb weight of 3,127 pounds, front tire/wheel capacity of 7,940 pounds, and a rear axle capacity of 15,000 pounds. However, if you’re planning to haul any large loads, you’ll need a CDL.

A CDL is not necessary for every type of truck. However, it is required for trucks that are heavier than a certain weight. A truck’s weight rating determines whether it needs a commercial license, and some models are light enough to be exempt. Some models are rated up to 43,000 pounds, and these vehicles are considered heavy trucks, and thus require a commercial driver’s license. However, this doesn’t apply to recreational vehicles, farm trucks, or other vehicles that are used only for personal use.

You must have a commercial driver’s license in order to tow a gooseneck trailer. This is because most gooseneck trailers have more than one axle. You may be able to get away without a CDL if you only tow small items. However, you’ll need a CDL to haul a large load, like a semi-trailer.

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Can You Get a Ram 4500 with a Bed?

The Ram 4500 is a full-sized pickup truck. It has a 16-foot bed and a 205-inch wheelbase. It is powered by a Cummins diesel engine with a 6.7-liter displacement. Its bed can accommodate a full-size bed and weighs up to 3,400 pounds. This truck has an auxiliary fuel tank. It can go up to 1,700 miles between fill-ups.

Ram’s reasoning for testing a 5-500 pickup truck is murky. However, it’s interesting to note that Ram also developed the Longhauler concept truck in 2012. The Longhauler concept truck was fitted with a conventional 8-foot bed and an auxiliary fuel tank. It also had a shorter wheelbase and more conventional proportions. This all suggests that the Ram 4500 with a bed could be the production model.

What is the Biggest Ram Truck?

When it comes to the Ram truck lineup, there are three major models available: RAM 1500, RAM 2500, and RAM 3500. The RAM 1500 is the smallest of the three, and the RAM 2500 is the next largest. Both have the same width and height, but the 3500 is significantly larger.

Among the three, the Ram 1500 is the most popular. It is the lightest model in the lineup, and holds its own against other competitors in its class. It offers class-leading towing capacity and plenty of advanced safety features. If you’re in the market for a new truck, the 1500 is one of the best options.

The Ram 1500 is available in a variety of trim levels. Its base engine is a 305-horsepower V6 with a mild hybrid system, which provides ample power to move big cargo. The truck also never feels underpowered even during everyday driving. It even has enough power to tow a small trailer. In addition, it has two 395-horsepower V8 engines and a 260-horsepower diesel V6. With the option of a higher-powered engine, the Ram 1500 unlocks higher towing capacity and improves acceleration.

What Engine Does a Ram 4500 Have?

The Ram 4500 has two engines to choose from: a Hemi V8 with 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque and a Cummins diesel engine with 650 lb-ft of torque. Both engines can work in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Ram 4500 also has the option of rear-wheel drive.

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The Ram 4500 is offered in four trim levels. The Tradesman trim emphasizes a rugged commercial design with work-grade vinyl interior, molded doors, and a Uconnect 3 multimedia system. It also features a Sentry Key Theft Deterter system and low-beam daytime running headlamps.

The Ram 4500 is powered by a Cummins diesel engine with a 15,000-mile oil change interval. The Ram 4500 also offers a dual fuel tank with 74 gallons. The dual tanks are the largest in the segment. The Ram 4500 is capable of towing up to 30,600 pounds and has front and rear disc brakes over 15 inches in diameter.

Is a Ram 5500 a 1 Ton Truck?

The Ram 5500 is a strong work truck that’s available in a number of trim levels. Its GVWR is higher than the Ram 4500’s, at nearly 39,000 pounds, and its towing capacity is nearly three times as great as its smaller sibling. The truck is available with four trim levels: base, SLT, Tradesman, and Quad Cab. Its base model includes air conditioning, push-button start, cloth seats, and other standard features. The Ram 5500 SLT trim adds heated mirrors and chrome exterior accents.

Ram offers a 6.7L Cummins diesel with six-speed automatic transmission and New Venture 271 or 273 transfer case. The engine is designed for aftermarket upfitters, and the framerails behind the cab are made for ease of modification. The Ram 5500 also retains its 3/4-ton truck’s coil front suspension, but it uses an upgraded leaf-spring rear suspension system.

The Ram 5500 is one of the most popular trucks from the Ram lineup. It’s the perfect pick for daily hauling and towing. It’s a great choice for tradespeople on construction sites and for recreational enthusiasts. It’s also an excellent truck for a boat or RV trailer.

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