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BRZ / FR-S… What is the difference?

BRZ / FR-S… What is the difference?

The auto world is springing with innovations each and every day. There are new productions of sports cars coming in the market with slight differences. It is important to that it is sometimes difficult to know the difference between cars. For example, the models of Subaru BRZ and scion FR-S are very close, and one has to be an auto fanatic to notice the difference. The two models of sports cars are as a result of a joint innovative venture between the Subaru Company and the Toyota Company.

Some of the similarities that make it hard to differentiate them are: They have the same body shape and same engine same transmission. Both models of sports cars have engines that have a direct and port combination. The engines are strong with a 200 horsepower at around 7000 rpm with explicit torque ability of 151 feet at 6600rpm. It is noted that, the Subaru BRZ might have slight more engine power than the scion FR-S. The engines ensure good speed levels and balance for both; the car models have both a six-speed manual system and a six-speed automatic system. They rate the sports cars at 22/30 mpg for the six-speed manual transmission and 25/34 for the six-speed automatic transmission. Inside the cabins of the two models are also the same. These cars come designed for comfort and style.

With every similarity highlighted, there are still clear differences between frs and brz.

Some of them are:

  1. The Subaru BRZ is known to be slightly expensive because it has an upgraded voice navigation system, standard voice navigation system, and an audio support with Bluetooth hands-free. These modifications are not there in Scion FR_S. It is what brings the difference in the price of the two models.
  2. Secondly, even though both models have 2.0 engine, Scion FR_S has a 2.0 boxer four-cylinder engine and Subaru has a 2.0 radial four-cylinder engine. FR-S is compact and lighter while FBZ has a shallow and a lower tank.
  3. The sport cars models, the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ come in different bumpers. The Subaru’s bumper headlights have LEDs while the Scion FR-S does not have.
  4. The shapes of the grille opening of the two models are completely different, and each has specific company brand badges.
  5. The BRZ has a two configured trim; one that is Premium (the standard spec), and the other is a Limited. The FR-S only has one trim. The FR-S has a different colored exterior as the BRZ. Although we must concur that both sports car models have black, gray, red blue and white shades the hues in the shading is what brings the difference in each brand.
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In conclusion, with this difference you need to be keen to notice. The Scion FR-S wheels demonstrate a greater ability to rotate around the central axis of the car whereas the Subaru BRZ demonstrates a slight resistance toward steering the wheel. It is because Scions FR-S wheel has been revised at the rear spring. These cars are made with precision by the engineering departments. It was a commendable initiative from the two companies for making frs and brz.