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What to Choose: Snow Tires Vs. All Season?

What to Choose: Snow Tires Vs. All Season?

Choosing the right tires for your car can be a daunting task especially if you do not know how to make this choice. There are tires designed for different purposes and a client looking for tires should understand this differences. For people who travel on city streets where the roads are good and well tracked, there are simple standard tires that come at very cost effective rates for anyone to buy. The situation however changes significantly when you start looking at rough terrains and specifically during snowy times.

In the snow, the traction between the tires and the road is significantly reduced. Under such conditions, navigating the vehicle becomes a major challenge. If you have tires that are not customized for such conditions, the challenge can be even greater. When it comes to making a choice between snow tires and all season, there are many things that one will have to consider. Cost is one of them but performance is the other. Good tires should make it easy for you to maneuver the vehicle without any difficulty.

When you have to choose snow tires vs all season tires, it might be prudent to go for all season tires because they will be handy if the snow suddenly falls when you least expect it as well as in normal conditions. This will also save you the pain of constantly having to change tires to suit the prevailing conditions. A good driver needs to have their vehicle customized to enhance better and safe driving.

The only challenge however could be the cost of such tires. Comparatively, snow tires and all season tires tend to cost almost similarly. The only complication however with snow tires is that they do not perform very well in dry conditions. For this reason, many people prefer to remove them as soon as the snow subsides and normal road conditions prevail. If you are the kind of driver that goes to places with rough terrain, all season tires will work better because you ca keep them on through out the year. Just as you do with the regular tires, you must also find the right tire size for your car whether it is the snow tires or all season.