What does pumpe duse mean?

by prettymotors | Last Updated: 12/18/2014

The Pumpe Duse is mainly associated with the Volkswagen auto company because it is the other name of the injection system in the diesel engines of their cars. While most auto companies prefer using the rail injection system because the Pumpe Duse system is expensive, the Volkswagen company prefer the Pumpe Duse due to its advantages. The main difference between the PD and the rail injection system is that the PD engine cylinder pumps to generate high pressure independently and also it integrates fuel injector and the pump as a single unit operated by camshaft.

The PD injection attains the high pressure and produces greater torque with clean emissions compared to the rail injection system. It is, therefore, efficient because it uses little fuel. The reason other auto companies do not use the technology though it is efficient is because the existing engines need complete re-engineering of the cylinder heads.

Currently, the latest Pumpe Duse by Volkswagen Auto Company improves vehicle performance especially of diesel-fueled cars. The new pump injectors use computer control systems to check on the injector opening. It also has its high-pressure pump. However, it is important to note that the fuel supplied by the pump injectors is from low-pressure fuel pumps. The cylinders then produce high fuel pressure because they have camshafts that control the injector body. The high pressure in which the system operates is the greatest advantage of Pumpe Duse injection over the other injections systems. It has up to thirty thousand injection pressure that provides high torque and power with low gas emissions and high engine fuel efficiency. The Pumpe Duse can convert about forty-two percent thermal energy to mechanical energy. Vehicles with the PD pump injector have high horsepower engines with good speeds.

The PD systems have isolated injectors that are not affected by fuel leaks unlike in the typical rail systems. Nonetheless, high-pressure diesel injection systems use clean fuel failure to which it would be a costly affair. Always ensure you use clean fuels to avoid the wearing of the parts due to the combination of water and dirt that cut the metal during friction. The preventive measure is to ensure you fuel at a reliable service station and also change your fuel filters often before the car starts downgrading.