Launch OBD II Diagnostic Car Code Reader

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Launch OBD II Diagnostic Car Code Reader is available at Amazon for $59.99. The price goes down to $39.59 if you use the coupon code 19CR5001p. Deal is until February 19.

Product Features:

  • NOT JUST A CODE READER: Not only can CR5001 obd2 code reader read and erase fault codes within engine, but also view live data and freeze frame, check I/M readiness and misfire, help you do troubleshooting, turn off engine light, reset monitors and pass smog test
  • OBD2 TEN MODES: With obd2 10 modes, this car computer reader has a general view on evap system, on-board monitor, O2 sensor, and other running status, let you know what parts and systems are failing, which gives you a full control of your vehicle
  • UNIVERSAL OBD2 COMPATIBILITY: Designed to work with all OBD II compliant cars and light trucksan sold in US, including all American, Asian, European vehicles. (Note, please check the vehicle if the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label states OBDII Certified, and if it has a 16-pin Data Link Connector.)
  • EXCLUSIVE CAUSE ANALYSES: CR5001 car diagnostic scanner provides an exlusive possible causes for each trouble codes with its unique HELP Button which most scanners do not have


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