Kuwan Car Scratch Remover

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Kuwan Car Scratch Remover is available at Amazon for $18.99. The price goes down to $11.39 if you use the coupon code XQMI6INZ. Deal is until January 31.

Product Features:

  • Special Note: only works for damages that is on the clear coat and has not gotten down to the primer (will not hurt the original paint)compatible with all colors
  • Shake Before Use – Wash and dry your car beforehand.Then pull the cap up to use, this paint scratch remover is the best abrasive compound for car paint restoration.easy to use and no need for buffing machine(means you don’t need a high powered tool or polisher just to touch up scratched spots).easy on application and easy off removal. just use a clean dry micro fiber towel and buff product off by hand for a deep high gloss finish
  • No Damage to the car surface paint – safely removes light scratches, sun spots, swirl and blemishes to renew your car’s surface. Full color compatibility plus it will restore your cars paint luster
  • Quick Remove Car Scratch – Remove all kinds of fine scratches, effectively fill the shallow scratches and will not corrode the car paint layer, Aim at the scratches and rub them over and over until the scratch is gone. remove scratched paint, leaves a high gloss surface. scratch removal will work for: fixing scratches on a car, scratched windshield, scratches railway and light surface scratches
  • Use the car scratch formula with a towel; wipe repeatedly to remove the scratches. Straight scratches, horizontal scratches swirly scratches
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