Cooolbuy Magic Headrest Car Hooks 4-Pack

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Cooolbuy Magic Headrest Car Hooks 4-Pack is available at Amazon for $14.99. The price goes down to $7.49 if you use the coupon code TYAR7VT7. Deal is until July 23.

Product Features:

  • Keep your car organized for optimal space and efficiency!
  • Heavy-duty construction, made from impact-resistant polycarbonate material.
  • Two sizes of hooks hold backpacks, purses, grocery bags or clothing. Each hook also includes a bottle holder.
  • Wide enough to carry purses and backpacks, sturdy enough to carry up to 28 pounds!
  • Extra long attachment strap allows the hooks to hang straight down. Hooks snap in place tightly, and won’t rotate or shift while you are driving.
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